Plan for a positive digital print future in 2022 and beyond

The recent past has been full of challenges, which the digital print industry met head-on. Now, having met these challenges, we’re rewarded with a digital print future that’s full of opportunity. But will you take advantage?

Digital print future

The recent past has caused big problems for business. Not just in terms of finance or stability, but also in added pressure from customers to meet higher and higher expectations: a pressure that is rising all the time. So the commercial print business adapted, introducing more efficient workflows and automation to reduce costs and new innovations in colours, finishes and textures to create more engaging print solutions.

So, as we turn towards 2022, we can see the glow of opportunity and optimism that’s there for anyone willing to grasp it. By continuing to think boldly and imaginatively about what you want to achieve, it’s possible to create a positive digital print future.

This article will help you develop these future planning strategies – and make the most of your chance to grow your digital print business.

What makes 2022 a vital turning point for print?

We’re coming to a major sink-or-swim moment in the print industry. After a tumultuous 18 months for individuals and businesses, now is the time for printers to seize the moment. To take the initiative and move forward with big and bold plans for their digital print future.

We must take positive action in the faith 2022 will be kinder to us and Brexit complications will be overcome. Covid will be conquered. And structural shifts across our economy, society and industry will continue to develop. 

This is happening now, and will only accelerate. Make sure your digital print business is seizing the moment.

How are structural shifts affecting the digital print industry?

We’re all aware of how fast technology is advancing in our everyday lives. The same is true for the print industry. Digital transformation has been on the agenda of leading businesses for a long time now, but in reality, it’s a process that’s affecting every facet of life and society.

This has coincided with a growth in digital and mobile marcomms channels, and the accelerated growth of online shopping caused by the pandemic. Now, brands and retailers must fundamentally change the way they operate so they can respond to these new customer demands. The print sector is no different.

How are leading digital print businesses planning their digital future?

The most successful digital print businesses have realised that their most valuable commodity is their customers. In short, the lynch-pin of everything they want to achieve. As a result, they are making decisions focused on their customer’s evolving needs, learning those needs through research and in-depth discussions with those customers.

Once they have discovered the requirements of their audience, they meet them with imagination, creativity, innovation and an enterprising spirit. They’re investing in technology, people and skills that will enable them to meet these demands, grow their business and capitalise on a digital print future that will provide significant growth. And perhaps most importantly, they’re viewing competitors and suppliers as collaborative partners rather than rivals.

Digital print future

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Why working with a partner could be the key to your digital print future

We must all face it, the industry is changing.

Instead of outputs, we now work in a new digital print industry that is motivated by valuable outcomes. Hushed conversations about data and deliverables take place in front of clean machines that unobtrusively hum and click. Strategy is discussed and applied using a suite of smart solutions, all directed towards achieving the customer’s purpose most effectively and most economically.

But to make it work effectively and efficiently, this new digital print future needs fresh industry perspectives. Therefore there is no better way to get those perspectives than by collaborating with the right partner.

Introducing Ricoh, your collaborative, people-first partner

Ricoh has years of experience at the cutting edge of print devices and techniques. Specialising in working alongside your business to develop the right strategy for you, your people and your customers – and integrating effective digital print solutions for your organisation.

We can never be sure what is around the corner. But we do know that trends such as digital transformation are only going to accelerate. Ricoh has recently undergone its own digital transformation. Now, we’re perfectly placed to help our digital print partners – not just with technology, but with strategic consultancy and digital services that enable them to reposition successfully. Indeed, many of our print customers are coming to us for help with IT infrastructure, cyber security or workplace audits.

Article originally published in Printweek October 18th 2021.

Simon Isaacs

Simon Isaacs - National Sales Director - Ricoh UK