Customer satisfaction – what we learnt in 2021

In a world where technology, society, and data brings us closer than ever before, there is no doubt that every business is on a journey that starts and ends with customer satisfaction. But how do you learn what they want? Simple – by asking them the right questions, and listening to the answers.

customer satisfaction

As we head deeper into 2022, leading businesses are setting their strategies to make the most of what lies ahead. And there are several key questions to address:

  1. What will be the main drivers in our markets?
  2. What issues and challenges are we likely to face in the current climate?
  3. What opportunities are set to arise from those challenges?
  4. How do we capitalise on those opportunities in a way that benefits our customers?

Of all of these questions, the last is the most important. More than ever, 2022 is going to be about customer benefits, customer satisfaction and customer experience. In this article, we’ll share our insights into why customer satisfaction is so important – and how to weave it into your own business strategy…

Gain a better understanding of your customers

To improve customer satisfaction, benefits, and experience, you need to know what your customers require from you. But how do you find out? 

You might get a reasonable idea from asking yourselves the four questions we mentioned in the previous section, but ultimately, the only way you get a true understanding is by talking to your customers directly. Approach them with an open mind, really get under the skin of their unique challenges, and work together to grasp the specific opportunities that arise.

Approach your customers with an open mind

Many organisations or suppliers will walk through their customer’s doors, armed with preconceived ideas of the ‘right solution’ and a determination to impose that solution. But this one-size-fits-all thinking does not allow for the unique challenges each customer may be facing.

Instead, you should engage with your customers. Ask them what their problems are – and listen. Formulate fresh solutions that purposefully meet their needs, work collaboratively to provide long-term support that truly works for them, and you’ll have a chance at developing a lasting relationship with a very satisfied customer indeed.

Encourage your customers to explore new perspectives

At Ricoh, we’ve found that when businesses are open to new perspectives, and are prepared to explore previously unimagined avenues, startling results can be achieved – far beyond a one-dimensional calculation of application and machine. 

“Challenging, pertinent questions from the Ricoh team made us think differently about the type of space we needed, to enable effective and efficient staff productivity; Ricoh’s approach and questioning set it apart from other suppliers and opened our eyes to the art of the possible.”


Such results can only lead to greater customer satisfaction, and a better relationship between you and your clients.

Four ways that Ricoh’s approach promotes customer satisfaction

Let’s go through some of the steps we’ve identified and explored as effective ways to support our partners in the print industry: 

  • Bring best practice insights from across industry

Expertise, insight and different perspectives are extremely valuable commodities in 2022. Collaboration and discussion between a talented mix of people can lead to new ideas, fresh inspiration and positive action that shapes your business towards success.

We ask questions, listen, and share best practice learnings from across our varied customer base.

  • Offer discovery sessions to unlock business value

Encouraging your customers to seek discovery sessions with your experts can help them think in new ways, sharpen their competitive edge, and understand that they will not be alone in their journey – that they have a partner to share it with.

We offer these sessions at our world-class UK Customer Experience Centre in Telford; where integrated hardware and software services and solutions are presented in ways designed to shift paradigms of thought about what is possible in industry.

  • Put the right team in place to develop your own strategy

Just as important as providing your customers with support, expertise and services in a way that meets their unique needs, is exploring how you can support your own business and people, in a way that meets yours.

We put together a strengthened Strategy and Services Development team to explore opportunities for business growth, and for measuring the progress and levels of customer satisfaction that this delivers to our print partners.

  • Commit to long-lasting relationships

Customers need to know that they can trust their supplier; that their supplier knows and understands them and their challenges; that their supplier delivers on its promises, solves problems, and helps it to operate effectively in business. All of this combined creates greater customer satisfaction and growth in the value of their business.

We have made this pursuit our priority, for both ourselves and our customers, in 2022.

Work with us to unlock your own potential and improve customer satisfaction

One of the best ways to take advantage of opportunities with your customers in 2022 is to work directly with a collaborative, people-first partner like Ricoh.

Ricoh has years of experience at working alongside your business to develop the right strategy for you, your people and your customers – integrating effective solutions and working practises for your organisation, through exciting initiatives like our Ricoh EDGE programme.

We’re on hand to listen to your challenges and share the latest business strategies, print innovation and industry insights with you. Get in touch to find out more.

Article originally published in Printweek January 24th 2022.

Simon Isaacs

Simon Isaacs - National Sales Director - Ricoh UK