Managed Print Services – how it improves productivity and supports digital transformation

Printing, scanning, documents and digital workflows. Every organisation relies on these processes. But what is the best strategy when it comes to productivity and adaptability for your people?

At the heart of every office lies its print hardware. Once they were dedicated devices that specialised in printing or scanning. Today they’re multi-function machines that enhance business-critical processes, enable greater flexibility, increase productivity and make your people’s lives much easier.

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It all comes down to productivity. Who wouldn’t want to automate tedious tasks so their staff can work on more profitable projects? Or reduce human error by providing technical solutions to problematic paper trails?

But the real potential of your office print lies in Managed Print Services. Engaging with a partner who understands how each part ticks. Linking them together into one, cohesive unit and combining them seamlessly with your own digitisation strategy. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at productivity, and how to find the right Managed Print Services partner for you.

Why office print is vital to your productivity

Your print room and multi-function devices are part of the lifeblood of your organisation – no matter which industry you are in. And as we’ve discussed, modern solutions provide much more than just printing or scanning. Let’s take a look at how office print improves productivity for your people.

Storing and retrieving documents quickly

For many organisations, the days of cabinets filled to the brim with paper, filed away for a rainy day, are hopefully long gone. 

These challenges can still remain, but today we can for the most part, thank multi-function print devices for making the secure storage, archiving, scanning and retrieval of documents a quick and painless process.

Enabling hybrid working

It’s now old news that some form of remote working is here to stay. The events of 2020 onwards have shown that we are capable of performing our roles in different locations. And for many, the benefits that remote working has to offer our work/life balance are too good to give up.

Without modern office print, we wouldn’t have been able to adapt to new challenges, support our people with their print needs, or prepare for the future’s hybrid mix of remote and in-office workers.

Providing greater accessibility and productivity

One of the key considerations in the design of new multi-function print devices is how easy they are to use for people in different departments or performing different roles. 

By featuring user-friendly interfaces and touch screens, simplified operating systems and seamless integration with other devices such as mobiles and laptops (including on the move), your Office Print Solution can elevate day-to-day productivity across the board.

Why office print should be a key consideration for your digitisation strategy

Providing your people with the right office print solution is more important now than ever – and not only because of the events we’ve all experienced since 2020. 

We’ve learned to work under difficult circumstances, testing the resilience of our businesses while adapting our processes for remote and hybrid working. And we’ve also seen further advances in the capabilities of office print devices, and the huge improvements in productivity they can provide.

As more organisations adopt these new practices and processes effectively, those who don’t will be left behind.

Why Managed Print Services are the most effective solution

By collaborating with a Managed Print Services partner, you take advantage of a purpose-built solution that combines expertise with greater visibility. A partner will:

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities openly with your organisation 
  • Understand the global trends and latest advancements that could work for you 
  • Incorporate solutions in line with your own digitisation strategy

Different print partners have different methods for enabling productivity through your print devices. We encourage you to survey the market for one that matches your business’s values. But while you’re here…

Ricoh, your people first Managed Print Service provider

Ricoh has years of experience in understanding the vital role office print plays in an organisation. 

As a Managed Print Service provider, we specialise in analysing the needs of your business, identifying the right solutions for both you and your people, and then integrating them seamlessly into your workflows – ensuring your people know how to make the most of them.

And we don’t stop there. We offer ongoing support to make sure you get the most from our collaboration, and that your people can work happily and productively to produce their best work for your business.

Finding your perfect Managed Print Solution

Learn more about Ricoh’s office print productivity values with our ‘Finding Your Perfect Print Solution’ guide.

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