Unravel your print workflow to unlock revenue

Unravel your print workflow for greater efficency and success

How can Print Service Providers (PSPs) and Print Rooms managers simplify their print production ecosystem to deliver more revenue opportunities? As our Senior Solutions Architect, Nick Daniels, explains, It’s all in creating a smooth print workflow.


No job succeeds or fails at a single point in the print production process. No matter the size of your operation, having a smooth handoff from start to finish – from input to delivery – is your path to efficiency and improved profitability.

Challenges in the print workflow

PSPs are under pressure to evolve, stay current and serve customers who continually want custom work in a timely fashion without paying too much more. This push comes from the evolving role printing plays in the communications landscape and continuous technology improvements in the print production process.

Equally, Print Rooms are also facing increased demand. They need to add value and not force their clients to seek an outside alternative, saving the organisation money while staying competitive. It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Facing these challenges requires exploring, optimising and transforming each of the five critical stages of the print workflow: input, manage, prepare, produce, and output. We’ve created two 6-part eBook series to help unravel the complexities of your print workflow ecosystem, one for PSPs and another for Print Rooms, part 1 is available to read now, with more coming in the New Year.

Here’s a sneak peek! 

The five stages of the print workflow

  • Input: Much more than file submission

This is the starting block that captures job orders using a process that standardises every element. Given the potential variability of each job, how files are entered into the print workflow often determines the outcome.

  • Manage: Performance matters

Track every step of the job through estimating, scheduling, relying on real-time data to maximise your resources and being able to quickly course correct to ensure a smooth production process.

  • Prepare: Looking towards the finish line

Visualising what the result looks like and preparing for the output is the key to preventing costly obstacles and pitfalls that hinder your bottom line.

  • Produce: Make it happen

Optimise the job files, so the output matches your client’s intentions. 

  • Output: Finish and regroup

Deliver the best product possible based on client specifications and take corrective action over any issues that may have arisen before inputting the next job.

Start reading our tailored 6-part eBooks today

To simplify what can become very complicated, our 6-part eBooks for ambitious PSPs and Print Room Managers break down every step in a print workflow in vivid detail to uncover the opportunities. You’ll learn everything you need to enhance your print workflow ecosystem to secure better efficiency, drive resilience and increase security. 

Part 1 is available to read now, with more coming in the New Year.

Access The Print Room Ecosystem eBook 

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Nick Daniels

Senior Solutions Architect at Ricoh UK

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