The three commercial printing trends which are changing the future of the industry

The commercial printing industry is constantly evolving. To be successful, you need to consider these three trends to grow your business.

With slim margins and growing competition, print businesses need to be able to rely on a streamlined operation. Therefore needing to be confident in their ability to increase and maximise profitability. Currently, with traditional manual procedures and processes, every human touch slows down processes, creates delays, and has the potential to cause errors. All in all, it’s an inefficient workflow. One that potentially holds your commercial printing business back, costing money and limiting your business’s ability to grow.

So why not consider workflow automation? A digital management information system (MIS) will remove manual processes, streamline workflows, and support a fully optimised end-to-end workflow. 

If you’re not convinced, read the three key trends which are driving change in the print industry.

Change drivers in commercial printing


Data drives smart decision-making. So, Get ahead of the curve by undertaking an end-to-end workflow audit. Doing so will identify gaps, document bottlenecks, and, most importantly, get input from those driving the processes. Importantly, by identifying each step in the current workflow, you can determine where time is lost; errors are likely to be made and those parts of your commercial printing operation that are inefficient.


Production workflows support every critical business process of your organisation: CRM, W2P, estimating, ordering, billing, payment, and marketing. Yet, most printers utilise less than 50% of the capabilities their investments offer. Make sure that you first understand your system capabilities. Then maximise your organisation’s resources to fill in the gaps.


Almost 40% of all printers do not have an MIS system.  Which is the backbone of an efficient, centralised operation. A centralised, automated workflow eliminates the bottlenecks and processing errors that are hindering your profitability.

The market won’t wait for you, so make sure you’re keeping up.

Change is never easy, adoption of new processes and systems can be disruptive, both to your commercial printing business and the people within it. Therefore, create an actionable business plan, set expectations, and drive actions to optimise your resources and investments for future success.

Automation for commercial printing. It’s time to invest.

Optimising an end-to-end production workflow is complex. Without an automated solution providing accurate, detailed reports of cost breakdowns, companies will continue to struggle to turn a profit.

Every function in a job directly affects profitability. Whether you are a CSR or a press operator, Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS has an automated workflow for every stage in the job process to eliminate bottlenecks in estimating, scheduling, shop floor data collection, warehouse management, and fulfilment.

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Jason Naylor

Senior Software Sales Specialist at Ricoh UK