The Conscious Workplace

Making sense of the new world of work

To help businesses to understand the new world of work and how to re-engineer workplaces both virtually and physically, we have conducted exclusive research into how our evolving world of work has influenced and resulted in new workplace behaviours:

The Conscious Workplace; Making sense of the new world of work

Working with leading clinical psychologist Emma Kenny, we analysed key findings from our research to look at synergies and disconnects with a view to helping businesses better make sense of the changing workplace.

The Conscious Workplace; Making sense of the new world of work

Learn how people are coping with working in a pandemic world and how core fundamentals such as technology, processes and the working environment are starting to influence new behaviours. By achieving a balance, businesses can work towards economic recovery.

Implementing a Conscious Workplace

In this practical guide, discover how to advance business transformation in a changed world and the opportunities and benefits your organisation can capitalise on by adopting a people-first approach.

Work Together, Anywhere

Productivity, employee engagement and company outputs shouldn’t suffer as a result of the changed world of work. Our Work Together, Anywhere webinar series provides valuable insights and guidance on a variety of topics including how to support your people as they work remotely, optimising your workspace, streamlining your processes and simplifying your technology. Watch recent webinars on demand and register as new webinars become available.

The good news for any business leaders reading is that the report also definitively shows that the outcome of a more conscious working environment is greater productivity.

Phil Keoghan, CEO, Ricoh UK