Top tips for supporting your people’s mental health and wellbeing

While we wait to see what shape the next chapter takes, it’s crucial we remain vigilant to the mental health and wellbeing of those we work with.

No matter what happens next, we have learned some incredibly valuable lessons. The importance of business resilience. The potential of flexibility. The benefits of having the right technology and working practices in place to ensure future business success.

But most of all, we’ve fortified our understanding that our most important asset is our people. Mental health and wellbeing have turned into topics at the forefront of business leaders’ minds – and it’s crucial it stays that way.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to look after your people.

Communicate regularly and openly

Nobody likes to be left in the dark, especially if they’re feeling anxious or uncertain. By being transparent and honest with what’s going on across your business – both the successes and the challenges – you maintain a sense of togetherness, making sure your people feel part of the big picture.

It’s also the role of managers to have regular one-to-one conversations with their teams. And not only to talk about work but also to enjoy each other’s company as if they were hanging out at the office coffee machine.

Provide opportunities to get away from work

One of the biggest challenges for people’s mental health and wellbeing in the last 12 months has been finding the right work/life balance. Indeed, many worked long hours in an attempt to maintain the same productivity they had in the office.

Mix this in with constant video calls – “Can you see my screen?” – it’s no wonder there is a lot of fatigue.

You need to continually reassure your people that it’s ok to manage your own time. In fact, you should positively encourage them to disengage from their home desk and get active. Especially in the shorter winter days – make the most of the sunlight!

Set objectives to work towards

Targets and objectives play a major role in motivation. When we’re working towards something that’s challenging yet achievable – perhaps with the potential of a reward at the end – we feel driven to perform at our best and reach truly excellent results.

It’s all about giving yourself focus and a sense of control. But this doesn’t have to be related to your business. Even things as simple as trying out a few new exercises can release those endorphins, reset your mind and improve your work productivity.

Some extra inspiration from Ricoh…

We’d like to tell you about something we’re doing to promote a sense of unity and support among our people.

In February, we’re asking our people to get active and raise money for charity by taking part in The Prince’s Trust ‘Future Steps’ challenge. This involves downloading an app and trying to do 10,000 steps a day for the month of – with a leader board to keep things competitive.

Everyone here is very excited, it’s generated a sense of community and it’s for a good cause. Why not try something similar in your business?

And remember, it’s all about taking the conscious approach.

Taking a conscious approach means constantly monitoring and supporting your people. It’s about being aware of their mental health and wellbeing at work through open communication. And being proactive when you identify problems and solutions.

Reach out to your colleagues before the emotional fatigue of remote working sets in. Put the right support in place before anyone even needs it. And understand that plans are just sketches – things you can adjust and tailor as you make each decision along the way.

Find out more by reading our report on The Conscious Workplace here.

Marco Pezzani

Ricoh UK National Customer Service Director