3 workstyle innovation trends for 2019

2018 had no shortage of rapid technological advancements. Bitcoin exploded and AI dominated headlines. Innovations such as these are blurring the lines between the physical and digital spheres and dramatically impacting the business model of each and every industry.

As we move into 2019 the mark of modernisation for every organisation will be operational alignment between culture, workspace, and technology.  Whilst such a task may seem daunting and complex, the root of the strategy remains simple. Begin with the people and the way they work.

In light of this, what organisational workplace trends can we expect in 2019?

AI and the rebirth of generalists

There has been much speculation that AI will bring the robots that finally take over the world – starting with our jobs. In reality, it is not a question of whether automation and robotics are replacing here to steal our jobs, but rather how organisations are able to harness such technology and utilise human talent to continue an upward trajectory of innovation and growth.

We have been in a period of specialism, but the rapid advancement of technology and automation has meant people are starting to diversify. In the coming year, individuals will start looking for new learning opportunities to expand their role across different parts of the business.

Strong focus on mentorship culture

Rapid career advancement has become a key priority for younger workers. For this reason, employers are starting to focus on establishing more structured programsop and initiatives to support employees in their learning and career development. Not too long ago at Ricoh, we realised we could be working harder to support career progression within the organisation. We introduced a leadership program – a major focus of which was to create a softer, coaching style culture where everyone is empowered to learn from one another and feel comfortable asking for help.

Due to the positive impact and return on investment it generated, this mentorship initiative has now expanded into a four-tier programme, encompassing aspiring team leaders up to the most senior level of leaders. For Ricoh and organisations across all industries, 2019 will continue to see mentorship driving positive organisational culture.

C-Suite to lead digital transformation

Now more than ever, there is a clear desire from employees to see digital transformation driven from the top. Whilst we are seeing digital transformation initiatives implemented by IT and marketing departments, 2019 will likely be the year that the CEO will step up, making it more of a priority to hire for digital transformation and recognise the importance of building a culture of change and innovation not only to attract top talent but to unlock the productivity potential of the organisation’s people.

Whilst 2019 is set to bring about even more technological advancement, businesses, in general, need to better understand their people and the way they work in order to implement new processes and technology strategies successfully. Technology by itself is no silver bullet for productivity, and organisations need to take a holistic approach if they are to reach optimal efficiency.

For more information on how you can better understand your people, download a copy of our Optimal Office report.

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Chas Moloney

Marketing Director Ricoh UK

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