Helping people and organisations share and communicate information effectively has always been our objective. Therefore, with digital implementation touching every one of us, we’re applying our people-centric solutions and deep knowledge of technology to ensure your business succeeds.

To help drive your business forward Ricoh has partnered with Microsoft to provide you with useful insights, knowledge, and services to help you with your digital implementation strategy.

With a greater emphasis on agility and flexibility, virtual and physical workplace requirements continue to evolve. Therefore, to help you overcome the challenges you face we are able to deliver bespoke consultancy, technologies, and tools.

Microsoft Surface as a service

A people-centric approach to a digital implementation

In our recent “The Conscious Workplace” research, we discovered that keeping staff motivated, happy, and productive is the biggest challenge for 45% of managers. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for harnessing technology that will help employees be more productive. With significant experience across many industries, we have developed expertise in fitting solutions to bespoke requirements for digital implementations.

Our teams are working alongside customers at all levels helping them understand where they are in terms of creating a digital workplace. For instance, this means working directly with CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs, as well as staff at all other levels. So, by recommending technologies and services, we help them improve company performance, productivity and the wellbeing of their people.

To bring the latest innovations, seamless integration and an even wider scope, we now work closely with Microsoft. Therefore, This enables us to provide hardware, software, and business process services facilitating smarter ways of working in the modern workplace.

Partnership with Microsoft

Watch this short video to understand how our partnership with Microsoft can benefit your business.

In addition, you will see how we have helped organisations;

  • Define a people-centric digital implementation strategy
  • Meet the challenge of sharing and communicating data more effectively
  • Enhance processes and the flow of information in today’s agile business environment
  • Achieve effective digital implementation

Discover the latest research on remote working trends and unique employee behaviour insights by reading The Conscious Workplace Report.

Meanwhile, why not learn more about how we can help your digital implementation strategy read our latest guide – Implementing a Conscious Workplace. It is a practical guide on how to implement effective digital transformation that addresses new workplace behaviours.


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