Introducing the Pathway to Productive People

It’s been almost twelve months since Ricoh unveiled research that showed how an alignment in people, culture, workspace and technology could positively reshape the UK and Ireland’s economic forecast.

The Economy of People report highlights an incredible £39.8 billion in untapped potential. Mostly caused by ever-accelerating growth in technology and diversification of attitudes in the workforce. In modern business, a solution to these issues could mean the difference between survival and obscurity.


Productive People

Today, Ricoh has launched the first in a new series of papers designed to offer a practical guide to workstyle innovation. The Pathway to Productive People explores three simple steps that businesses need to take to recognise change.

The first of these papers is: ‘Bravery’.

Innovation is something we all talk about a lot, but for most people, it can be daunting. The status quo offers us security and setting yourself up as a leader in the introduction of change requires a need to overcome certain commonplace fears.

Download the report to discover examples of organisations who have made brave decisions for the benefit of their businesses and met with incredible success. Discover a practical guide to engaging core generations in the workplace and find out our suggestions for the right questions to ask, to get the process underway.

Phil Keoghan

Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh Northern Europe

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