Commercialise your print room by addressing these key trends.

Digital print transformation won’t just help minimise the cost of running your print room – it could help make it a commercial success.

A modern organisation needs to keep up with increasing demand for their print infrastructure. It can get difficult or expensive when trying to deliver the latest techniques. Equally, without an effective system in place, managing requests for a large group of users can also be challenging. In this post, we discuss how addressing certain key digital print transformation trends can make a major difference. We also show how Ricoh help the University of Leeds achieve just this by using specific expertise and technology.

What are the key trends? 

The below insights should form the basis of your considerations when it comes to digital print transformation:

Digitise your processes.

Use an all-in-one software application – such as Ricoh’s Digital StoreFront – to make it as easy as possible to get new projects into your print room.

Customers will be able to remotely submit their print jobs via an online booking form that’s available 24/7. The software will track the project, invoice it, place it onto an appropriate digital press and print it. All they’ll have to do is collect their order.

A complete end-to-end process provides a much friendlier experience – one which meets consumer’s expectations in today’s market.

Level the playing field with better quality work.

You could be missing income if your print room is unable to meet the high standards and requirements for departments like marketing.

Replace your old equipment with the latest digital print devices to provide a new level of quality assurance. This will ensure you deliver on processes and techniques that are in-demand in 2019.

This prevents your organisation from looking externally for certain print requirements, which gives you the opportunity for more business.

Remove the potential for human error.

Mistakes happen. Especially when we’re trying to micro-manage a lot of detailed information. Paperwork, forms, re-keying facts and figures, applying settings to devices and machines. All of these administrative assignments carry the risk of error.

By allowing a streamlined digital process to manage these tasks, you add greater reliability and ensure a better customer experience. 

Improve security.

Switching to a digital print infrastructure increases the security around an individual’s information. Their personal data is managed within the software solution that adheres to the latest security and processing standards.

Contrast this a paper-based system where items can be mislaid and are often disposed of incorrectly It’s easy to see the benefits. Especially as each print job is also managed more efficiently and seen by fewer people.

How do they make your print room profitable?

The combination of streamlined processes, quality, greater variety, and improved customer experience is an effective force for profit in your print room.

Automating certain administrative tasks frees up your staff. Allowing them to provide a better level of service to customers and process more print orders.

Improving the quality and variety of the work you produce will encourage a wider range of customers to your print room over your rivals.

And an improved customer experience will help you match the standards today’s consumers have come to expect.

Ricoh and Leeds University.

“Leeds had a vision for their print room. Ricoh took that vision and turned it into reality.”

University students during a lecture.

The challenge.

With over 70,000 students, plus the large staff resources required to teach a broad subject curriculum the demands on internal services at the university is considerable. One of the most important support services for the University of Leeds is their ‘Print and Copy Bureau’ which provides print and document production services.

But the Bureau was facing several challenges. Old equipment, poor quality, and efficiency, outsourcing of work and a lack of the latest print techniques. It was falling behind rivals – and costing a lot of money to operate.

The University of Leeds turned to Ricoh for help. The solution involved more than just implementing modern print equipment. It facilitated an end-to-end digital print transformation that would improve the university’s print service across the board.

The solution.

Before Ricoh began to install its cutting-edge technology in the university print room, it worked with the Bureau to rethink the area’s layout and redesigned it into a more efficient work environment.

Then, analysis of Bureau operations showed processes and workflows could be improved further. So Ricoh helped select a new management and information system, and eCommerce web-to-print software solution.

They also held several workshops to educate the staff on how best to use Ricoh technology, particularly the advanced 5th colour capability, litho printing, and white and metallic inks.

The benefits.

The transformation has already seen success, which is continuing to grow as further processes are implemented.

The print unit has turned into a more efficient operation. It is attracting work from outside the university and particularly their neighbouring university, Leeds Beckett.

Staff are also offering feedback. They are enjoying a more productive, happy and streamlined work environment that meets their needs.

The quality of the new print techniques is building greater trust internally among students and staff that the university.

Turn your print room into something that makes money.

By applying these trends to your costly print room, you can turn your print room from an ageing dinosaur to auspicious operation.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ricoh worked with Leeds University to transform their print infrastructure, watch this short video.

Or if you have any questions please feel free to ask me directly.

Tanya Howe

Sales Director at Ricoh UK Graphic Communications

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